• Sprinkler System - Electrical Prototype

    Raspberry Pi Sprinkler System - Electrical Prototype: The following is the initial electrical connectivity between the 24vac transformer, relay controller and solenoids. It provides a good overview of how everthing connects logically, however, the final physical connectivity will be different and include a few distribution blocks.

  • Rasperry Pi - Sprinkler System Controller Code

    Sprinkler System Code: This post documents the code deployed to the Raspberry Pi that interacts between the between the Pi, GPIO and SainSmart Relay Switch in order to activate the sprinkler system solenoid valves. This will be the first post in a series that documents the ‘brains’ of the controller...

  • Installing Electrical Outlet

    Existing Sprinkler Valve & Nearby Junction Box Installing Electrical Outlet: Before going too far with this project, I needed to ensure I had a viable power source nearby. Fortunately, there was an electrical junction box close to where I want to install the main controller and valves, however, the junction...

  • Existing Sprinkler Valves

    Existing Sprinkler Valves: Web Interface Screenshot Embedded Image Test:

  • Reference Sites

    Raspberry Pi Info: Raspberry Pi Pinout SainSmart Relay Switch Info: SainSmart 16 Relay Swtich Video Flask Web to GPIO Info: Flask GPIO Code Markdown Coding Info: Kramdown Quick Reference